Thursday, 2 October 2008

Hanoi Rocks - The Nottingham Tapes

For many years I've always viewed The Nottingham Tapes as the poor relation to All Those Wasted Years. After all it was poorly filmed and, if I'm honest, I was never that keen on Two Steps from the Move, and songs from that album that feature heavily.

However, someone recently pointed out something that had never really occurred to me. With The Nottingham Tapes what you see is what you get - this was the show on that night. No frills, no overdubs (unlike All Those Wasted Years). Thankfully it's not as rough as the painful Rock & Roll Divorce ...

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Michael said...

This disk is really poorly filmed, but I agree: the warts 'n' all nature of the show makes it worth watching. There's no doubt after seeing this that Hanoi was a rock & roll band.