Monday, 24 November 2008

Coming to Glamrock Aftershock soon ...

.... well, soon as I re-listen to them anyway:

Royal Court of China - Geared & Primed
Under Neath What -
What Is It?
Crazyhead -
Desert Orchid
The Four Horsemen -
Nobody Said It Was Easy
Burning Tree

Update - please see:
Crazyhead - Desert Orchid
The Four Horsemen - Nobody Said It Was Easy
Under Neath What? - What Is It


Michael said...

I like that Royal Court of China record. It's kinda goofy, but they were better as faux-dirtbag rockers than the faux-jangle poppers they started out as.

I tried Burning Tree a while back. Couldn't get into it. Love that Four Horseman record. Can't find Crazyhead anywhere (at a price I'm willing to pay, anyway.)

I await your commentary on these releases.

I bought that Under Neath What album a couple of years ago on Sleazegrinder's recommendation. Still haven't quite wrapped my head around it, which is actually a good sign, I think. If I can't quite figure out what they were trying to accomplish, they were on to something distinctive and I'll spin it for years trying to come to terms with it. I do wish it was better produced and mastered, though.

Anonymous said...

Absolutley love the Burning Tree album, could never understand why Marc Ford ditched that to join the Blcak Crowes, yes I can

Lots to look forward to coming to a blog near you soon.