Monday, 15 December 2008

The Joneses

If only a fraction of what I've read about the Joneses is an accurate reflection of the band then I should love them:

'A hot-blooded mix of the New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders, and Eddie Cochran, too glam for punk and too punk for rock. If the term “trashy rock ‘n’ roll” could only apply to one band, The Joneses would take the label in spades' (Full Breach records)

'One of the last of the great "loud and snotty" REAL trashy glam rock'n'roll bands who WERE 100% authentic were Hollywood's Joneses. The Joneses really did have that raunchy, fifties rhythm and blues stilletto appeal that always informed the REAL Johnny Thunders. Whiney, brattish, sneering vocals, yearning high-lonesome for another fix, scuzzy dueling guitars shades of the greats, horny piano pounding worthy of Jerry Lee or Little Richard, catchy choruses that you could never be certain about-was he singin' about dope or chicks? Either/both/probably dope, mostly.' (Sleazegrinder)

I've recently read on Glitzinet that a new collection is being issued - Criminal History- but having listened to a few online samples I've not been grabbed. This may be down to the fact that I've only tried listening to them at work and haven't been able to crank it up - but as a fan of the New York Dolls, Soho Roses, Gunfire Dance, Stiv etc (i.e. not Warrant, Winger or Slaughter) should I persevere? Answers on a postcard please (or just via the comments box if you prefer ...).


Michael said...

I bought the original version of Criminal History a few years ago and wasn't all that impressed at first either. I didn't give up on them, though, and eventually bought Full Breach Kicks' reissue of the band's album Keeping Up With the Joneses, which really clicked with me, for some reason - maybe that's a better one to start with. I don't know if they're really as good as Gunfire Dance, but they're sort of similar - punky, glammy, but with a strong old-fashioned rock & roll influence.

One thing I will say that's not in the Joneses' favor - the current incarnation sucks live. They did their record release show (for the Criminals/Tits & Champagne CD release a few months ago) here in Austin, for some reason, and they were just terrible. I might very well have caught them on a bad night - bandleader Jeff Drake was pretty drunk - but based on what I saw that night, I wouldn't go see them again. But that doesn't make Keeping Up With (or the Criminals/T&C disk) any less worth hearing.

DGW said...

Should have known I could rely on you Michael! Everything suggests I should love this band - and half the point of this blog was to (re)discover bands so I think I need to give them another go. Thanks for the info - always appreciated.