Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Last Of The Teenage Idols - Satellite Head Gone Soft

Aaaw, the Teenage Idols. So many happy memories of nights at the Marquee and the Astoria (once on the same bill as the Soho Roses - the evening only tainted by headliners Tigertailz).

'Satellite Head Gone Soft' (supposedly an anagram of the band's name - I've never checked) is another long-deleted album, as is Buttz's previous release with the Babysitters, meaning that the world is missing out on the classic that is 'Gina' (itself a former Babysitters live favourite).

Some digging around took me to this interview with Buttz by occasional Glitzinet scrawler Andy The Guttercat (though I don't think I've seen him on there in a while) in which Buttz rather harshly dismisses the album (and to be fair he's right in a way - it's definitely of its time and could have done without some of the ropey keyboard sounds and squealy guitar playing) and as ever there's the obligatory Sleazegrinder feature.

Very much a case of you needed to be there.


Michael said...

I've heard so much about Last of the Teenage Idols (and the Babysitters) from y'all in the UK glam rock underground that I've been dying to hear 'em for years. Even if they're dated. Another reason for a Glamrock Aftershock reissue label, if you ask me.

Michael said...

"Gina" is fantastic!

DGW said...

It's a gem isn't it!