Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Lords of the New Church - Live For Today

You know what? I only found out yesterday that 'Live For Today' was not a Lords original. I have no idea how this managed to pass me by - this is precisely the sort of thing that I'm unhealthily anal about. Seems the song has a bit of history, with the Grass Roots version being the most well-known but it was originally recorded in Italian by The Rokes.

This came up as a friend's group, the Left Step Band, have recorded their take on 'Live For Today', which surprised me as I didn't think they would have come across the Lords song. And as it turned out they hadn't. A live video of the Left Step Band performing 'Live For Today' can be found here. Check it out.

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Michael said...

Todd Rundgren produced that track for the Lords. His keyboards arguably dominate the track, but I still dig it. No one sang like Stiv.

The Lords are one of those bands I wish I could have seen live. I have a bootleg DVD of their appearance on a German TV show which has a pretty fiery performance, but the mix is weird. The keyboards and drums are louder than the vocals and guitars.