Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Megadeth - Hammersmith Odeon 18/05/1988

I've touched before on the fact that pre-Appetite For Destruction I was heading down more of a thrash metal road. Hell, I even bought Onslaught's dreadful version of Let There Be Rock (that may have been the last straw). I also had a letter printed in a Kerrang! thrash special in response to the question 'Have Metallica sold out?' - I took the 'no' option, instead detailing how as a band they had simply progressed in the years since Kill 'Em All. My move towards glam had already begun though, and the letter was signed off using a combination of a soon-to-be-discarded stage name and my not-yet fully formed band: Glyn 'The Rockit Doll' Alexander.

It was during this inbetween stage that 22 years ago today I was on the front row of the balcony at the "The Hammy O" (not the Labatts Apollo or any of the other appalling names bestowed upon this venue) taking in Megadeth. I was never a fan of support act Sanctuary, and even though the vast majority of their set remains unmemorable I do have strong recollections of their version of White Rabbit. The main ones being a) it was very, very loud and b) this volume combined with the singer's piercing voice in such a way I'm surprised my hearing's intact.

Megadeth were approaching their career high on this tour, having followed up the stunning in places Peace Sells... But Who's Buying with the more coherent So Far So Good So What. On coming to scribble this I've had the urge to listen to the latter for the first time in 20 years, and will nipping over to Spotify shortly. Having always remained in Metallica's shadow, the effect of which can be seen in Some Kind Of Monster, it perhaps seems fair to give Mustaine's 'rebound' band another chance, as unlike the one that discarded him, Megadeth have at least had the decency to produce more than a handful of albums over the years (though I've heard nothing since Rust in Peace).


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Metal Mark said...

I was mortified by So far, so good, so what when I first heard it in 1988. I have come to terms with it a little more over the years, but it's still weak. Not at all what I was hoping for. Loved Sanctuary though.
The only time I saw Megadeth was when they opened for Judas Priest in 1990 and they were fantastic.