Monday, 1 December 2008

Lookalikes part one: the rock & roll years

I seem to get told a lot that I look like different people. On some occasions I've actually been mistaken for someone famous. I guess most of the following conform to a type, but if I look like them all shouldn't they also look like one another?

CC Deville

While I was playing a gig in 1990 an American girl shouted out 'I want to f**k you CC Deville'. Now this may have just been an annoucement she felt the urge to make, or she was talking about me with my then bleached hair.

(I can't vouch for CC, but just for the record - I didn't.)

Mick Cripps (far right)

Never understood this one.

Jo Almeida (far right)

I did tend to dress in a slightly raffish, Dogs D'Amour way and that might have influenced this comparison.

I shared a house for a while with a Tyla-lookalike and we were once supposed to go on a night out with Bam which could have proved amusing. Didn't happen though.

Izzy Stradlin

Now this I liked. My choice of hat would have helped. As previously reported I was once mistaken for the man himself.

Bill Wyman

This one has haunted me to this day.

I wish I could say I can't see it, but there are certain photos where I can't deny it ....

Johnny Colt (far right)

Possibly missed a trick here, as one friend used to look like Chris Robinson and another like his brother Rich, so we were three-fifths of the way towards forming a tribute band ...

To follow:
Lookalikes part two: when the crimping stopped


Anonymous said...

The Bill Wyman picture is actually quite scarily close.

DGW said...

I so wish I could disagree!