Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Andy McCoy - Sheriff McCoy: Outlaw Legend of Hanoi Rocks

Only just seen a copy of Sheriff McCoy: Outlaw Legend of Hanoi Rocks in my local Waterstones. I had no idea this was even being published! Officially it's not out until Feb 4th according to Amazon but copies are out there.

"The last great rock 'n' roll memoir, Andy McCoy's autobiography covers the legendary guitarist's life and exploits from childhood through to the rekindling of his massively influential band, Hanoi Rocks, in the 2000s. McCoy helped introduced punk to Finland from an early age - and from their base in a Stockholm subway station Hanoi Rocks embarked on a wild death-defying jet-setting thrill ride. Includes dozens of rare, candid photos and a new preface written by McCoy in 2009 after the final breakup of Hanoi Rocks."

Given some of the well-known tales surrounding McCoy (including those that surfaced during his various guest appearances in The Dirt this should be one seriously good read!

Currently reading: John Niven - Kill Your Friends.

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Michael said...

I'm not the hugest Hanoi fan, but I'm interested to read this as well. Hell, if he devotes part of a chapter to the Suicide Twins record, it'll be worth it.