Friday, 8 November 2013

Spike Priggen - Stars After Stars After Stars

From looking at Spike Priggen’s own website, the labour of love that is Bedazzled, he would probably prefer to find himself on a blog called PowerPop Aftershock. But then again the boundaries of my blog have always been pretty fuzzy and intentionally so, and by including covers by two bands previously referenced on here (The Jacobites and The Ramones), as well featuring a photo of the Only Ones on the sleeve, I have no qualms in featuring his 2005 album, Stars After Stars After Stars.

The Jacobites were my route in here, as I was searching online for the lyrics to ‘Big Store’. On reflection this was an unnecessary exercise as one of my copies of Robespierre’s Velvet Basement (I own four, as surely everyone should) includes the lyrics. Still, it led me to page detailing the track listing for Stars After Stars After Stars. Two Jacobites songs (or one Jacobites song and one Subterranean Hawks song if you’re being picky), The Ramones, Alex Chilton, The Zombies ... who is this guy? And where do I sign up?

A few days later the CD was in my possession and naturally I made a beeline for 'Big Store'. It's been slowed down slightly and is a touch heavier, but it's clear that Priggen has got the measure of it. If I'm honest, 'Only Children Sleeping' is less successful but amends are made elsewhere, such as on The Ramones' 'Questioningly'. 

Think Big Star in the studio with Jesse Malin and you're some way to understanding this lost album.

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