Monday, 11 November 2013

Two Sixx's makes what?

Back in 2008 as part of a blog post on The Dirt, I mentioned Matthew Trippe’s claims, as published in Kerrang!, that he was Nikki Sixx for a few years after Frank Ferrano (an undisputed Nikki Sixx) was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. At the time there was precious little about this on the internet. This surprised me as conspiracy theories are usually the perfect platform for online discussion. If I hadn’t found anything about it I might have started to doubt the story ever existed. In fact maybe I was Nikki Sixx?

Today the story was recalled on Facebook – and a fresh search shows the internet is now littered with articles on the subject. Highlights include this page which shows one of the original articles (sadly not the one that had the photos designed to show the physical differences between the two Sixx’s) and should you have the time and/or inclination to watch it, this 3 hour and 15 minute video interview with Trippe. 

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