Saturday, 16 August 2008

Johnny Thunders - So Alone

Johnny Thunders released a phenomenal number of albums in his time. Unfortunately most of these were poorly recorded live albums comprising the same set of songs he'd been relying on for years (or in the case of Live at the Lyceum, a very slick sounding live album due to overdubs that he might have got away with had the concert not also have been available on video) .

1978's So Alone was his first solo album, and contains much of what formed the backbone of his setlist for the next decade, including Pipeline and You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory (the latter could have been a hit in the UK but a strike at a pressing plant meant there was never enough stock in shops).

But even this early in his career Thunders had to plunder his own back catalogue - Leave Me Alone is the Dolls' Chatterbox, and Subway Train also puts in an appearance; Great Big Kiss was also part of the Dolls' live show. That said you also get London Boys, a riposte to the Sex Pistols' New York (and who should feature amongst the guests on this album, but none other than Steve Jones and Paul Cook. Others, not necessarily just there for the music but perhaps a shared love of something else, include Phil Lynnot, Steve Marriott and Peter Perrett).

The title track was excluded from the original release but has been reinstated for the CD. Pick this up, along with LAMF, Que Sera Sera, Hurt Me and Copy Cats and avoid pretty much everything else.

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