Monday, 11 August 2008

L.A. Guns - self-titled

It might seem that I have no interest in the US glam scene - this is not strictly true. Appetite For Destruction pretty much got the ball rolling for me. It's just that much of what came out of the States after that album was, well, a waste of space (I mean come on, Warrant? Johnny Crash?).

Okay so L.A. Guns had Brit Phil Lewis on vocals. Maybe that's why I gave them a chance in the first place, and it was on a pilgrimage to Shades that I picked up LA Guns on import. The obligatory schmaltzy ballad aside (which at least they hid on side two, rather than making it side one, track three like everyone else), the album has what so many bands falsely claim to have: attitude and a sense of urgency. I remember reading an interview with Paul Blittz from Soho Roses in which he said that he hates going to see bands that describe themselves as punk but turn out to be bad metal - I like to think that LA Guns (well, on this album anyway) are not the sort of band he was talking about.

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