Thursday, 21 August 2008

Ramones - self-titled

For some reason I was often offered records at school, usually ones that belonged to the seller's older brother. One such offer was the first two Ramones albums. Aged about 14 at the time, I'd only ever heard 'Bonzo Goes To Bitburg' on a Beggars Banquet sampler LP, but keen to hear more and knowing that the friend was an Ultravox fan I offered him my copy of their Quartet LP. I thought this was slightly cheeky (it was 2 LPs for 1 after all) but he couldn't agree quicker.

The next day the swap was made. A mutual friend urged me to reconsider, citing examples from the lyric sheets that he thought would put me off. Knowing that Quartet was a terrible album I of course had nothing to lose and the deal was sealed.

(A later deal I made from a different person's older brother's collection saw me acquire a copy of Ultravox's 'Young Savage' single from their pre-Midge Ure-era - if you've never heard this I suggest you trawl download sites for it immediately - or buy Ha! Ha! Ha! - as it's a bona fide new wave classic that will make you wonder how they 'progressed' to Vienna is less than two years.)

My first reaction to listening to The Ramones was to be amazed at how fast the songs seemed, both in terms of tempo and in the way they just kept coming, one after the other. 20+ years on they no longer have that effect on me, though my toddler-aged son has developed a keen ear for Blitzkreig Bop - I think it's the simple 'Hey Ho Let's Go' refrain that sees him stop and restart the CD.

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Michael said...

My niece and nephew (aged 6 and 11, respectively) are big Ramones fans, thanks to their dad (bless'im).

One day the nephew, who's learning guitar, came home with a Ramones songbook. He and the niece then proceeded to "duet" for me on "Blitzkrieg Bop," with him singing the words and her singing the guitar licks. It's one of the most adorable and touching things I'd ever seen. Good to know someone's raising their kids right.