Friday 11 November 2011

Dogs D'Amour UK tour Nov/Dec 2011

2002. Hanoi Rocks reform with only two original members. To be fair, one had been fired (and his better-known replacement subsequently died) and so may not have wanted to return; another had largely turned his back on music; and the third original member, judging by comments in Andy McCoy’s book, would not have been made to feel welcome (although to this day he regularly works with Michael Monroe).

2004. The New York Dolls reform with only three original members. It should be noted that they were the only three still alive (I’m omitting Rick Rivets).

2011. The Dogs D’Amour reform with only one original member. As far as I know everyone that has ever been in the band is still alive. The case of the Dogs D’Amour is slightly different as the ‘classic’ line-up is arguably the one that counts, but even then only Tyla prevails. On bass, Dave Tregunna has some pedigree as he featured on some of the studio recordings that made up ‘The (Un)Authorised Bootleg Album’. As with the above re-unions, I'll still go ....

Tuesday 8 November 2011

Jellyfish - Bellybutton & Spilt Milk vinyl reissues


There’s a fantastic line (among many) in Jellyfish’s “The Ghost At Number One” which says “How does it feel to be the only one who knows that you’re right.”

That Jellyfish quote works on a number of fronts. Mainly because that’s what this correspondence is about. (And, that it’s a great, flippin’ song.) We made some decisions that may not be popular, but will be better in the long run. In other words, we’ve done what we thought was “right.”

We’ve always said that we just don’t comment on new releases. Why? Because, things go wrong. Things go wrong all the time. Like the Jellyfish releases.

We could tell you the whole grizzly saga of what went wrong with these, why we’ve rejected test pressings and blah blah blah, but instead we just want to tell you that we’re presently working with the great folks at RTI and John Golden Mastering on a third round at making these right–third time’s a charm?

RTI, Golden Mastering and Omnivore Recordings have a firm commitment to stone cold quality. Period. So we’re getting them right–not just floating sub-standard records out there in the hope that you don’t notice.

Meaning? They’re not coming on October 10th, like we said after we had to bump them the first time. We’re taking quite the hit and pushing them back to January 10th and that will allow us the extra time needed to really make sure that these things blow your mind appropriately.

Here’s the really great news–we’re now pressing these on RTI’s wonderful 180-gram vinyl!

So a limited edition of 1,500 copies will be pressed on 180-gram vinyl (Bellybutton will still be on blue vinyl, Spilt Milk will now be on gold vinyl). And, that extra weight will not. Cost. You. Any. More. We’re keeping the price the same. Bellybutton will still have its original tri-fold cover for this first run. After the 1,500 copies are sold out, the Bellybutton cover will be a standard jacket and the vinyl for both will be standard weight black vinyl. Pre-orders should be saved in the distributors’ systems, but please check back with whoever you ordered them through.

Thanks for your patience and loyalty. We are not about to jeopardize our reputation by putting out inferior product. We care too much. And, as you’re on this mailing list, you do too.